About us


Credit Democratisation Alliance or CredAll is a collective of ecosystem players who share a common purpose - to democratise access to affordable credit for small businesses and individuals.

At CredAll, we are responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that facilitate digital lending. The APIs are called the Open Credit Enablement Network or OCEN. There are many lending processes that have not been uniformly automated. OCEN's APIs standardize these so that ecosystem players like loan service providers (LSPs) and lenders can work together to create all-digital lending flows over the life cycle of the loan without needing custom integrations.


The Problem

Large swathes of individuals and small businesses have been deprived of formal credit. Solving this is essential for us to make progress and unlock India's full potential


The Solution

CredAll brings the whole lending ecosystem together with the V'Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN) APIs. The OCEN protocol will help to create innovative, sachet-sized credit products in an economically viable fashion, at scale

Come help drive access to formal credit


Loan Service Providers

Loan Service Providers (LSPs) are companies that have digital products that are frequently used by consumers. OCEN presents an opportunity to provide credit to their customers digitally in a matter of a few minutes



As rich and structured data becomes available from third parties via the Account Aggregator route, lenders have the opportunity to move from assessment based to automated underwriting. This makes sachet sized loans economically viable


Technology Service Providers

Technology Service Providers (TSPs) enable LSPs and lenders utilise the OCEN APIs to create delightful customer experiences with minimal effort

Nandan Nilekani

India has a unique opportunity to create a new and alternative credit infrastructure that can provide easy access to credit for millions of businesses and individuals.

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